Meissen Porcelain; Ewers (2), Water & Earth, Diana & Neptune, Hunting Scene & Warships, 25 inch. [p4A.com item #D9660590] Meissen Porcelain; Ewers (2), Water & Earth, Diana & Neptune, Hunting Scene & Warships, 25 inch.
Sold for $ 35,850.00
at Dallas Auction Gallery
Marble; Paperweight, Cloud, 4-Lobes, Multicolor Chunks Floating in Clear Base. [p4A.com item #E8981777] Marble; Paperweight, Cloud, 4-Lobes, Multicolor Chunks Floating in Clear Base.
Sold for $ 2,040.00
at Dan Morphy Auctions, LLC

Executive Summary

A private Ohio company, p4A.com ltd specializes in collecting and distributing market based information about antiques, collectibles and fine art in America and combining this valuation information with its own proprietary reference information about individual items in the p4A database.

The company's primary product for libraries, the p4A Antiques Reference database, contains detailed descriptive and pricing information on antiques, many collectibles, fine art and historic Americana sold at regional auctions throughout the United States.

p4A.com ltd does not sell antiques, accept advertisements, publish books or endorse products and services. Its information is completely independent and factual. In addition to libraries, the reference database is used daily by many of the country's top professional personal property appraisers. Hundreds of antiques dealers and collectors also individually subscribe to the reference service.

Hundreds of Thousands of Images

The p4A Antiques Reference database is the only public reference service for antiques, collectibles and fine arts having images for 100% of its records. In fact, an average of 1.3 full-color images are available for each record.

Highest Quality Data

Every record in the p4A Antiques Reference database is individually reviewed and edited prior to entry, not digitally imported en masse. In addition to a specific item description, information on condition and provenance is included whenever available. Prices realized are clearly shown with date and place sold. A customized auction note is included to describe the overall sales environment for a given record. Information of dubious value, such as grouped items selling for one money, is deleted; trade abbreviations and truncated jargon are expanded and simplified for the general user.

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Today's Most Current Data

Information in the p4A Antiques Reference database is the most current available anywhere on the web. New records are added to the database 365 days per year. This reference database is the only antiques and collectibles database with 9% of its records meeting the three years currency standard for professional appraisals. Once entered into the database all information becomes a permanent public record and is not periodically expunged.

Supplemental Reference Information

Only the p4A Antiques Reference database adds value to its records with supplemental reference information, including literature citations and independently researched reference notes providing biographical, contextual and background data about a given item. In addition, the trade press is monitored for post-sale coverage and relevant additional information is added to the original sale record.

American Market Focus

The p4A Antiques Reference service is the only on-line database to focus its coverage exclusively on major regional auction venues throughout the U.S....the marketplace where the great bulk of antiques and collectibles are bought and sold in this country. International auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's are covered by other reference services and are not duplicated in the p4A Antiques Reference database. Approximately fifty regional auction venues are currently covered coast-to-coast.

Library Availability

The p4A Antiques Reference database is available to public libraries by annual subscription license. Licenses are available for both on-site use and remote access. On-site licenses are based on the number of facilities/buildings offering the service. All access is via Internet Protocol (IP) addressing. No individual login or password is required. The reference database is also available to museum and research libraries.

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